Week. Four.

I’m having all the feelings. I’ve been coding and coding, and sketching, and reading, and refactoring, and repositioning, and rethinking, and re… everything. Truthfully, when we are assigned a coding project, my initial reaction is overwhelmed and a little confused. And then things slooowwwwly start to happen on the page, and confidence is regained, and eventually the assignment is complete. It’s a total rollercoaster, but I love it. It’s really important for me to refocus and stay positive.

We responsified (not a word) Surf & Paddle.. Again, all the feelings. “Retrofitting” a site I had done weeks earlier on a PIXEL PERFECT map… I mean?! There was a lot of absolute positions, amoung a multitude of other css I had to scrap. But that’s ok.

We are talking design now. I feel like Sam retrofit me back into art school. From critiques to design philosophy, I’m starting to feel like all this coding, all this cramming, and all this left brain action is taking form. They have meaning and purpose when I shift into a design perspective/mindset.

I want to make sure I get this stuff. I want to keep practicing the code and find ways to wrap my mind around positioning content, because that’s been the hardest part for me. This is why I love CodePen. It’s like a sketchbook for code. It’s amazing! All of my pens are simple and even ugly, but they help. Here’s one I did today while working on using my grid formula with media queries.

See the Pen RWD + Grids by Dawn Delatte (@dawndelatte) on CodePen.

-Edit in CodePen to see the responsiveness at work-

It was not as complicated as I was making it out to be in my mind. Math does that to me.. I just waited to introduce the grid formula until the largest media query, and thouhgt about my small and medium queries in percentages and bigger columns. Not everything has to fit into an elaborate grid to maintain consistancy, it’s just a guide that helps when simple percentages (like dividing the site into 2s or 3s) can’t!

And as a sort of sign-off I’ll leave you with this…. “If you like it then you should have put a grid on it” - BeyonCSS