Typography 201

This weekend we dove into using typecast to make some type specimens for an upcomming restuarant redesign project. I know I’m supposed to like it, but I’ve been so incredibly frustrated with it. I wanted so badly to layout some divs for my text so that I could get a good idea of how it will actaully look on the page. But that proved to be nearly impossible for me. I decided to leave positioning behind and refocus on the type and colors (which is what I was supposed to be doing anyway). Of course, once I was done with all 10 projects, typecast decided to delete one of them mid-save and I had to start over on it. But I prevailed! I hope.

I chose to redesign Austin Beer Garden Brewery website. I started by making a list of words, phrases, and memories from my experiences there, as well as asking a couple of other people I know who frequent ABGB. I even worked up the nerve to email ABGB for some input! (Still waiting to hear back..) From there, I chose some key words and concepts and decided on some typeface and colors I thought would represent them.

I used the content from ABGB’s beer + food page and made a basic layout with h1-h3, p, a, and a few menu items to see how the font’s would look and feel next to each other. Once I got my typefaces down, I added a photo or two that represented a bit of the color theme I had decided on. I chose a few different elements to use the background colors on, as I don’t know exactly how they’ll fit into the layout quiet yet.

These are rough drafts and although I’m a little anxious about sharing, I know it’s important — and also required! Some of the type and color themes are repeating throughout the 10 specimens but in no particular order. I tried to label each one with an indicator of what the inspiration basis was (food, community, or beer for instance).

abgb one

abgb two

abgb three

abgb four

abgb five

abgb six

abgb seven

abgb eight

abgb nine

abgb ten

It’s been wonderful but also uneasy to transition into design. It seems so subjective, it’s hard to know if I’m “doing it right”. It’s probably time to let that go.