Today was demo-day for the Front End Engineering and Ruby on Rails classes at The Iron Yard. It has been a weird week leading up to it. Everyone has been hustling to get projects finished and teachers were busy takin’ care of business, but it all came together today and it was great. I cannot believe 12 weeks has gone by already for them. We were all babies in the beginning of the year and I am so impressed at what they can do now. So. damn. impressed.

Seeing those two classes working together and getting their apps working AND looking beautiful was amazing. Being there while they shared all of their anxieties about graduation and demo day was a little terrifying but I’ve gained some perspective and I’m looking forward to that experience myself.

We also got some really great advice from Jason Weaver on work-life balance, always challenging yourself, and never selling yourself short. I’m thankful to be amongst such great developers and designers.

Now it’s my turn… We get our final project assignment this coming week. I’ll have more to say about that later I’m sure, for now, one day at a time.


This week’s project—GoodReads web app redesign. Holy Moly this has been a tedious project. After a lot of research and feedback from other users, I opened up Photoshop to create my Style Tiles/Element Collages/Comps and haven’t closed it since. Three days of Pixel Perfect Precision and I’m still going. It’s been a pain staking process, but surprising enjoyable (and enlightening).

But Oh the glory of being able to listen to music and podcasts while working again. I was never able to do that while coding. Next up—getting all my stuff portfolio-ready over the weekend, so stay tuned!

It’s crunch time y’all.