French Quarter Festival

Technologies Used

About this project

This project was a redesign of The French Quarter Festival held in New Orleans, LA. It has become Louisiana's second largest festival and represents the best of local culture, food, music, film, and visual art. The festival embodies the unique and diverse culture of the French Quarter, and currently their website does not reflect that. The goals for this project were to give it a unique and contemporary design, that stands out from the other festivals in the umbrella site it is currently a part of. The organized navigation system focuses on scheduled events and locations for festival attendees.

In two weeks, the project was completed, with a research and competitive market analysis, style tile and element exploration in photoshop, wireframes, and comps, and using Illustrator to create all of the logos and icons for this site, before diving into production in code.

Check out out this Style Guide for more details on my process and design elements!

I created these icons in Illustrator and used them as svg images on the homepage and as backgrounds throughout the site as well. They are intended to be more playful and iconic of New Orleans, so I also applied a subtle animation to each one on its hover state.

This is a side by side view of one set of the wireframes and full-color, full-content comps for this project. The comps were created with pixel perfect precision and served as a guide for going into code production.

For this project, I created a style guide as a standard for how the brand identity, colors, typography, images, and icon sets should be saved, used, and placed throughout the French Quarter Festival website. It also shows all elements of my process, from ideation, sketching, and wireframing to deployment. This is an example of how the FQF brand should be used on different devices. You can view the full style guide here.