Bagel Runner

Technologies Used

About this project

Bagel Runner was a freelance design project I did for a graduating Mobile Engineering student at The Iron Yard in Orlando. The objective for this game is to help the little toaster dodge as many bagels hurdling towards him as possible. I contributed all of the graphics (toaster, bagels, background, and main page/logo) for this project with the direction of Joe, the creator and engineer of the app. I worked on this project remotely with a very short deadline. This experience was a perfect blend of challenges faced and met with communication and collaboration. Because of the short deadline, I had to produce sketches and iterations quickly for feedback and take initiative with the direction of the design.

I used a rounded typeface for the app logo, and brought infeatures from the other graphics to make it “bagellike”. For the kitchen background, I created a simple,flat design so that you can focus on the moving icons inthe game. I went through several iterations until we got the one that fit the perspective and space needed for thebagels and jumping toaster.

I kept the icons playful and simple so they could work in all screen sizes. There were multiple versions of each icon saved for different mobile screen sizes, so I created a folder structure with file names that were easy to understand and access for the engineer when sharing the deliverables. For the toaster, each size has multiple versions with the wheels rotating to create an animation.