Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

Technologies Used

About this project

This project is a redesign of a local restaurant and brewery. For this project we put into practice a content first approach to redesigning a website. It was my first time to use Typekit, and was really important to use all of my research when exploring different type options. Currently their website caters to one kind of customer and is very dark and difficult to read. My goal was to give it a more open and inviting feel. I began with a lot of research, interviewing people who frequented ABGB and creating word lists and a morphological matrix.

I chose to use a two column grid system and use color and font weights to create type hierarchy for the menu page. I also used large background images to break up the different sections of the menu.

On their current site, it is difficult to navigate and find clear contact information. Here is another example of how I used color and font weight and size to create type hierarchy for the contact page.