Hi there, I'm Dawn.

I'm a product designer at thoughtbot in Austin, TX. I like making complex things simple by utilizing design thinking, user research, and front-end development.

I love diving deep into the creative process, which is why I studied Fine Art in college and eventually attended The Iron Yard for UI Design. No matter how big or small a project may be, I approach it from the ground up—researching, sketching, and gaining insight from users. One of the best parts of this process is the collaboration between designers, developers, visionaries, and the people you're building products for. My goal for each project is to facilitate positive and meaningful interactions for users.

Some things I'm workin' on include learning more Javascript, SVG Animation, and other Adobe Animation software. Life goals include learning French, traveling more, and integrating Art and Design to create socially interactive digital projects focusing on urban and cultural development.

You can view my résumé here and check out more of my work on Dribbble. Want to know more? Let's chat!